Is Your AGILITY Being Tested Like Never Before?

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Is your AGILITY being tested like never before? You have come to the right place. Welcome to my personal blog where I am cracking the code of agility. In particular for CEOs and Executives of mid-market companies and corporations. I specialize in the business agility realities and challenges you face, leveraging insights at the intersection of my experiences and research.  Read More. Here you will find a thought-leadership learning platform for you and your team to become students of agility.  Pivot to an agile mindset, skillset and toolset to develop your operating system of organizational-agility, team-agility and leadership-agility.  You must to prevail, survive and thrive in the chaos of increasing VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity).

My colleagues and I at Agility Consulting & Training are world leaders helping organizations go on agile transformation journeys leveraging the research-based AGILE Model.  We help them leave the fragile majority who live in disorganized-chaos and for whom VUCA is full of threat to join the agile minority who live in organized-chaos for whom VUCA is full of opportunity.

I want to help you do the same. Start by getting your Free E-Book and exploring THE A TO Z OF AGILITY blog category above. Your agile future awaits you.

Your Elusive Creative Genius: Overcoming Fear

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A Lesson on Looking: Visual Intelligence

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It’s Official! Mike Richardson Named President of Online Trading Academy

It’s Official!  Mike Richardson Named President of Online Trading Academy

It’s official – the press release went out yesterday announcing my new role as President of Online Trading Academy:   Mike Richardson Named President of Online Trading Academy:  “High growth financial education company taps experienced executive for a critical new role”. Getting busy, not least of all in evolving this as a real-time case-study of Agility: Trading Places – My ... Read More »

Organized Chaos: Awesome Video of Starlings in Flight

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Farewell: “They Rise Highest Who Lift As They Go”

Farewell:  “They Rise Highest Who Lift As They Go”

Hello all – yesterday was my last official day as a Vistage Chair and Speaker after 15 years … I am trading places … literally:  Trading Places – My Next Leadership Chapter as President at Online Trading Academy evolving a real-time Agile Case-Study. OTA has been built by a one of a kind Vistage member, entrepreneur, founder and CEO, Eyal ... Read More »