Is Your AGILITY Being Tested Like Never Before?

You Have Come to the Right Place

Is your AGILITY being tested like never before? You have come to the right place. Welcome to my personal blog where I am cracking the code of agility. In particular for CEOs and Executives of mid-market companies and corporations. I specialize in the business agility realities and challenges you face, leveraging insights at the intersection of my experiences and research.  Read More. Here you will find a thought-leadership learning platform for you and your team to become students of agility.  Pivot to an agile mindset, skillset and toolset to develop your operating system of organizational-agility, team-agility and leadership-agility.  You must to prevail, survive and thrive in the chaos of increasing VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity).

Update November 2018

Very excited to share that I am practicing what I am preaching by becoming the President of Online Trading Academy, to evolve a real time case-study of Agility.  OTA is a substantial and fast growing business where I will be Cracking the Agility Code to keep up with and stay ahead of its trajectory of success, with the sustainability, scalability and agility required.  We have very big aspirations and I am having a blast.  I have been ramping up with them for 18 months already since mid 2017 and just went full time November 1st 2018.  Read more here:  Trading Places – My Next Leadership Chapter as President at Online Trading Academy evolving a real-time Agile Case-Study.  If you ever wanted to follow along step by step with an agile transformation journey, now is your chance! I will be blogging about this as a real time unfolding case study which you can follow along with: Real-Time Agility Case-Study

My colleagues and I at Agility Consulting & Training are world leaders helping organizations go on agile transformation journeys leveraging the research-based AGILE Model.  We help them leave the fragile majority who live in disorganized-chaos and for whom VUCA is full of threat to join the agile minority who live in organized-chaos for whom VUCA is full of opportunity.

I want to help you do the same. Start by getting your Free E-Book and exploring THE A TO Z OF AGILITY blog category above. Your agile future awaits you.

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The Power of Mind Mapping

The Power of Mind Mapping

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Navy SEAL Ethos/Creed

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Leadership Quote of the Day

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