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Agility Masters: Jim Collins

Agility Masters:  Jim Collins

When identifying leaders who I want to include here as masters, I look for and listen for those who have accessed the higher-order and deeper-order mindsets, skillsets and toolsets of their agile-leadership-presence, to develop the team-agility and organizational-agility required to prevail.  There is no better example than … Jim Collins A couple of years ago I spoke at the Direct Sales Association (DSA) Annual ... Read More »

My 3rd Speaking Tour of Australia

My 3rd Speaking Tour of Australia

Just back from my 3rd speaking tour of Australia in 3 years, speaking to CEOs and senior executives about Agility.  Also doing all-day workshops with Vistage/TEC Chairs entitled, “The Agile Chair”, helping them develop their brand of chairing to be more agile so that they in turn can help their members be more agile in the way they lead and ... Read More »