Agile Boards

Agile Boards
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My work on agility focuses in asking these core questions:

  1. Are you AGILE or FRAGILE?
  2. Are you and AGILE Leadership Presence or a FRAGILE Leadership Presence?
  3. How Will You Move from the FRAGILE Majority to the AGILE Minority as a …
    1. Leader?
    2. Team?
    3. Organization?
    4. Business?
    5. Enterprise?

The Board has a pivotal role in that.  So, I like to ask:

  • Do you have an AGILE Board of FRAGILE Board?
  • Is your Board part of your Agility Solution or your Fragility Problem?
  • How will you move your Board from the FRAGILE Majority to the AGILE Minority?

That’s always my focus around the Board table.  To be agile eyes and ears, helping assure that the Board, the Chair and the CEO are fully addressing the agility challenge of the enterprise, developing an agility advantage in times of accelerating VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity), not least of all by leveraging The Power of Peers in the Board process.

In other words, is that the sun rising because of on a new chapter of agility or the sun setting because of a chapter of fragility?

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