“Agile HR” Oxymoron? Not Anymore!

“Agile HR” Oxymoron?  Not Anymore!

Some might have asserted that Agile and HR don’t belong in the same sentence, as they are an oxymoron (you know the kind of thing, such as  “military intelligence”).  Not me, as I have always believed and spoken about HR being a co-pilot to the CEO of equal stature to the CFO.

Oxymoron no more, because the evidence is mounting and is irrefutable.  I just returned from the Human Capital Institute Summit in New Orleans, entitled HCIAgile Talent Strategies for Managing Change and Shifting Priorities” where my colleagues and I at Agility Consulting & Training were sponsors.  There were presentations from senior HR leaders on Agile-HR, Agile-Talent-Management, Talent-Agility and much more from organizations such as:

More than ever before, HR is now an essential co-pilot of agility for the CEO.  Peering into Team-Agility & Talent-Agility: A New Tool for HR.  I love the idea that when you bring 2 minds together you create a 3rd mind.  Bringing the 2 mindsets of Agile and HR together creates a 3rd mindset of Agile-HR on a mission, like in those companies above, to pivot the enterprise to:

  • GE Investor LetterLeadership-Agility/Agile-Leadership (being an Agile Leadership Presence)
  • Team-Agility/Agile-Teamwork (becoming an Agile-High-Performance-Team)
  • Organizational-Agility (becoming an Agile-Organization)
  • Business-Agility (migrating Business Models … GE is becoming the world’s first “Digital Industrial” Company:  see Letter to Investors in GE’s 2015 Annual Report)
  • Enterprise-Agility (and all which that entails)

The transformational pivot to Agile isn’t easy.  For 15 years my colleagues and I have been helping mid-market corporations, companies and enterprises of all descriptions go on that transformation journey.  See a partial client list, case-studies and testimonials.     The pivot requires a rubric of leadership-agility, team-agility and organizational-agility with associated training, facilitation, mentoring, coaching and assessments.  FFF - resizedAll architected with an Agile approach into a transformation journey which is prone to success not failure.  Indeed, at the Human Capital Summit in New Orleans we stood apart as the only sponsor/exhibitor with that focus and architecture.

We are launching a “Focused, Fast & Flexible Revolution” to help the mid-market get there faster as time is of the essence.  Watch this space.

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