AGILE Planes, Trains, Automobiles, Buildings and so much more!

AGILE Planes, Trains, Automobiles, Buildings and so much more!

I am on a mission to collect more and more examples of companies, teams and leaders who are institutionalizing agile elements into the way they develop, sell and support their products and run their businesses, no matter what kind of industry and business they are in and whatever kind of product they make.

All part of helping leaders understand that agile doesn’t just apply to the software end of the spectrum – it applies to the whole spectrum.  Indeed, Agile started with hardware companies not software companies:  The Secret History of Agile Innovation – Agile Started with Hardware Not Software!  It’s just that the software industry most picked up and ran with the idea.  But now things are coming full circle with Agile Planes, Trains & Automobiles (and so much more!):











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And So Much More!

Aircraft Engines to Washing Machines!

Latest Research, Books & Articles

  • New Book: The Age of Agile
    McKinsey Global Survey October 2017: Organizational Agility on the Rise but still less than 25% Minority
  • “Agile HR” Oxymoron? Not Anymore!
    • GE (see HCIabove)
    • Walmart
    • Cisco
    • Williams Sonoma
    • UPS
    • Aflac
    • Turner Broadcasting (a client of ours)
    • Quest Diagnostics
    • Amongst others
  • Are You Embracing Agile Yet?  As reported in this May 2016 Harvard Business Review article:
    • National Public Radio employs agile methods to create new programming.  Read More:  How NPR benefits from agile project development & you can too.
    • John Deere uses them to develop new machines,
    • and Saab to produce new fighter jets.
    • Intronis, a leader in cloud backup services, uses them in marketing.
    • C.H. Robinson, a global third-party logistics provider, applies them in human resources.
    • Mission Bell Winery uses them for everything from wine production to warehousing to running its senior leadership group.
    • and GE relies on them to speed a much-publicized transition from 20th-century conglomerate to 21st-century “digital industrial company.”
  • How Agile Can Bring Innovation to Customers Faster.  “When you think of John Deere, you probably picture old-school machines tilling soil in the heartland or mowing a suburban lawn. But you might be surprised to learn that this 179-year-old, Illinois-based manufacturer is using new millennium tactics honed in Silicon Valley to speed innovation.”


  • Bain Brief:  Agile Innovation.  “Agile isn’t just one more approach to creative thinking or iterative prototyping. Rather, it’s a well-developed holistic system engineered to overcome more than a dozen common barriers to successful innovation.”
  • Inaugural Business Agility Conference 2017:
    • IBM (IT services)
    • Morning Star (agriculture)
    • Washington State (government)
    • Five Acres (social services agency)
    • Statoil (oil & gas)
    • REI (retail)
    • Aramark (food services)
    • Opower (utility industry software)
    • DBS (bank) – see below
    • Vistaprint (printing services)
    • Cisco (collaboration systems)
    • Fox Content (marketing)
    • BMC Software (enterprise software)



Big Software Companies You Would Imagine Went AGILE a long time ago!  Not so fast!




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Who’s Been Asleep at the Wheel?



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