Visual Triage

Visual Triage

The best way to triage is visually.  We can process visually so much faster and comprehensively than we can any other way.  There is a reason why “a picture is worth a thousand words”.  There is a reason why a cockpit is a very visual place … plus the control room of a nuclear power station … plus the driving seat of your car!

But in business, one of the most under utilized assets is the wall space!  What do you typically see … art … or nothing!  Wrong answer.  Leverage your wall-space for visual triage.  Pin boards, white-boards, easels/flipcharts, a collection of display boards … whatever you have to figure out creatively (even if you work in a cubicle) to leverage visual triage.

Visual triage taps into the power of being whole-brained (which I believe most of us are! … although sometimes you might not think so of some people!) … the right brain zooms out to see the broad brush strokes, big picture whole, looking for patterns, linkages (joining up the dots), alignment and gaps.  The left brain zooms in to see the fine brush strokes, the small picture parts, looking for details (the individual dots), projects, steps, and actions.

When we have the visual triage in place we can tap into the power of immersive scrum meetings.

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