Agility Masters: Alan Mulally

Agility Masters:  Alan Mulally

When identifying leaders who I want to include here as masters, I look for and listen for those who have accessed the higher-order and deeper-order mindsets, skillsets and toolsets of their agile-leadership-presence, to develop the team-agility and organizational-agility required to prevail.  There is no better example than …

Alan Mulally

Alan Mulally Keynote VideoWe were blessed to have Alan Mulally speak at our Vistage San Diego Executive Summit, in which he outlined the principles and practices of his “Working Together” approach for building skilled and motivated teams, which he did at Boeing and then at Ford.  His session was unforgettable.  Vistage Members can find the video here:  Vistage Executive Summit Keynotes by Alan Mulally [you will need to login].

Here are some other videos also:

51S48TEFGeL._SX328_BO1,204,203,200_If you haven’t read the book “American Icon: Alan Mulally and The Fight to Save Ford Motor Company” you should. 

My summary:  he turned the company around when it was in worse shape than General Motors & Chrysler (both of whom took the government bailout and went bankrupt, which Ford did not) using his “working together” approach.  As part of which he immediately instigated a weekly BPR (Business Plan Review) meeting of his global team, every Thursday morning. A little while later he realized that weekly wasn’t frequently enough and he moved to a daily SAR (Special Attention Review) meeting of as much of his global team he could muster within a reasonable time-zone. Prior to Ford, he had used exactly the same approach in turning around the commercial airplane division of Boeing post 9/11, which was on its knees.   As reported in the book, weekly and daily meetings were the central algorithm of his whole turnaround approach. Agile Meetings … are at the heart of your Enterprise Agility!  He created the real-time communication, coordination and collaboration to win, moving from waterfall-teamwork to agile-teamwork.

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