Economic Outlook

Economic Outlook
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I have been looking for a latest economic update from the Beaulieu Brothers of ITR Economics who have a high profile/trusted reputation in the Vistage community and I found this: 

Also, here is a perspective from Brian Beaulieu on the S&P 500 and some other recent blogs that I find the most informative:

Plus here are other perspectives on market indices:  

Are you Recession-Ready?  Will you be Depression-Ready?  The AGILE Minority will be.  The FRAGILE Majority won’t be.  Which will you be in?  Don’t wait.

  • Note:  I have heard the Beaulieu Brothers/ITR Economics speak 2 or 3 times over the last 5 years since we progressively emerged from the Great Recession in 2009/10/11 and they have always been consistent with the above summary, despite “shocks” to the system:
    • Brexit
    • The election result/President Trump
    • Tax Reform
  • They are speaking at a few Vistage all-city events this year, so we will get further updates.

Just had a trusted advisor Kirk Michie from AB Bernstein talking at my Vistage Groups about the landscape for Mergers and Acquisitions activity given the outlook for the economy and stock markets.  Below is a nice summary video from AB Bernstein.

  • For the first time in history, 14 consecutive months of positive returns in global markets, which has never happened before.

Of course a recurring question all week was about BitCoin, so here are some links to get you started in understanding more:

  • Wikipedia:  Cryptocurrency
  • Wikipedia:  BlockChain
  • Let me know if you have come across some good links/videos etc on the subject

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