Unopened Gifts – Jim (Mac) McPartland Speaking at my Vistage Key Group

Unopened Gifts – Jim (Mac) McPartland Speaking at my Vistage Key Group

My very good friend, author and keynote speaker Jim (Mac) McPartland spoke to my Vistage Key Group with his brand new Vistage Speaker Topic:   “Unopened Gifts:  Discover how your organization, key team leaders, and executives can breakthrough their current levels of performance”.  Jim helps us understand that we are all given unique gifts and he helps us not leave them unopened by asking:

  • What are they?
  • What are you doing with them?
  • What is your life’s assignment?

Along the way he delves into:

  • Defining our own unique gifts
  • Uncovering who our teachers are in business and life
  • Understanding our identity
  • Discovering our self worth and how it equates to one’s net worth
  • How to measure our impact on the lives around us

My group loved him and I’ll be booking him for my other groups very soon.  Thanks so much Jim for sharing your yourself, your stories and your wisdom.  Find out more:

  • Topic Outline in Vistage.com:  Unopened Gifts (4.5/4.0/4.5/100% – he did very well and got some great plus-delta suggestions to take it to the next level)
  • Website Landing Page for Vistage:  Unopened Gifts for Vistage



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