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100 Books (Which Illuminate Agility)

under Construction – check back later Here is a progressive collection of 100 books which shine a light into our agility challenge.  I have read them all and they a great perspectives and dimensions on agility.  But none of them, at least for me, distill the whole challenge, the whole problem and the whole solution of agility.  They should absolutely be on ... Read More »

100 Ways to Think About Luck

Under Construction – check back later. One of the 5 Roles of Everyday Agile Leaders is to take 100% responsibility to be the Chief Luck Consultant for your business.  I want you to be a subject matter expert in luck!  If you don’t, no one else will!  Here is a progressive list of 100 ways to think about luck to ... Read More »

100 Agility Jokes

Under Construction – check back later. This one is a little tougher.  But I do like to have fun and inject humor into my keynote-speaking and workshops, so I game for the challenge. 1.  I love this cartoon, as it reinforces the #1 thing I would do starting tomorrow in any business … start a daily scrum meeting to move ... Read More »

100 Metaphors for Journey Orientation

Under Construction – check back later. We are surrounded by metaphors for the journey-orientation dimension of agility, which is the 3rd and primary dimension of agility as a 3D challenge.  We are so used to the acuteness of this 3rd dimension in so many walks (in fact, runs) of life, yet this acute journey orientation in business remains elusive. 1.  ... Read More »

100 Examples of Everyday Agile Leaders (in Non-Business Settings)

Everyday Agile Leaders in non-business settings face an agility challenge everyday in which the consequences are acute, in many cases potentially life and death, depending upon whether their agility passes or fails the test. 1.  Petroleum Engineer I am only starting with this one as it is how I started my career.  I was a Petroleum Engineer for Shell International working on ... Read More »

100 Things (to Do to Develop Your Enterprise Agility)

Under Construction – check back later Agility is made up a large number of small things, as opposed to a small number of large things.  Here is a progressive list of 100, starting with the first 5 I focus on when speaking to groups. 1.  Business Model Migration 2.  Declaring War on Excuses 3.  Core-Values in 100 Places 4.  Meetings Matrix ... Read More »

100 Places (in Which to Institutionalize Your Core Values for an Agile Culture)

Under Construction – check back later When working CEOs and Executives on a culture of agility, I challenge them to define, design and institutionalize their core values in “100 Places” around the business.  Most people look at me like I’m crazy, with their jaws dropping and mouthing silently to themselves, “100?”.  Yes.  What do I mean by that?  Read on. Define ... Read More »

100 Agility Quotations

Below I am progressively accumulating 100 of my favorite agility related quotations (including some which originate from me!).  I am not including quotations about luck here, as I include these as a special category here:  100 Ways to Think About Luck.  I hope you will find these useful to inspire you and your people and will provide you a place where ... Read More »

CV Bio Resume for Mike Richardson

CV Bio Resume for Mike Richardson

[Note for Event Planners/Emcees: Below is a mixture of CV, Bio, Resume formats from which you can draw] Headline Summary 35 Years in the Oil & Gas, Aerospace and Automotive Industries: Petroleum Engineer (Shell – working on onshore and offshore oil & gas drilling rigs), Program Manager, Product Support Manager, Commercial Manager, Sales & Marketing VP (Dowty Aerospace – Fly ... Read More »

The Stiff Upper Lip of Agility

The Stiff Upper Lip of Agility

In 2013 I did a speaking tour of the UK (always nice to return to the old country as a Brit, American now based in San Diego) speaking to groups of CEOs about leadership agility.  In the face of increasing volatility, agility does require a certain stiff-upper-lip of composure! Read More »