Cracking the Agility Code #23

Cracking the Agility Code #23

There are 5 attributes of Agility to change your relationship with. These are the 5 realities of our agility challenge and the 5 reasons why the majority of leaders, teams and organizations are stuck in the fragile majority unable to join the agile minority. They become the 5 roles we must fulfill everyday, knowing that if we don’t, no one else will.

The majority are stuck in a vicious cycle and downwards spiral of disorganized chaos, partial triage, learning from hindsight, experiencing bad luck by accident and doing the work of crisis in a crisis, easily becoming chronic crises management, lurching from crisis to crisis, so busy working in the present crisis that we don’t see the next one taking shape.

A minority enjoy the virtuous cycle and upwards spiral of organized chaos, full triage, learning from foresight, experiencing good luck by design and doing the work of crisis without the crisis, easily averting and preventing crises and turning them into opportunities.

I first developed instincts for these 5 roles when working as a Petroleum Engineer on offshore oil and gas drilling rigs, which have evolved and served me well in my career in business as an executive and CEO/President.

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