Cracking the Agility Code #32

Cracking the Agility Code #32

While organizational agility is a timeless problem, today’s reality is placing new and unfamiliar demands upon us and our skills. It is asking new questions of our executive strengths, which are  being tested in new ways. To pass the test, we need new answers.

Where do we get those new answers? That was a question I constantly asked myself as a manager, senior executive, and then CEO, running small to medium sized and fast moving businesses in a corporate environment.

Looking for those new answers, I experienced an increasingly frustrating sense of void, a vacuum. Something was missing.

  • It was evident to me that most coaches, consultants, and trainers who came into my office offering to help me didn’t really understand what it was like to sit in my seat with the inescapable spotlight on my leadership agility.
  • Also, although I was an avid reader of business books, most of them only partly illuminated my challenge, often from a high altitude without much pragmatic advice that I could apply for immediate effect. None of them seemed to put it all together, addressing the whole challenge, the whole problem, and the whole solution of being in the driving seat of enterprise agility.

I couldn’t find thebook that I want to read, so I decided to write it myself!  I published “Wheel$pin:  The Agile Executive’s Manifesto” in 2011, posing the question:

  • Why, despite all of our investments in developing our businesses, do we still experience much more wheel$pin than we should, which costs us a fortune, and potentially our future prosperity, in business and life?” 
  • The answer:  Agility (or rather, a lack of it).  The book addressed the Why, What, When, Where, How and Who of Agility.

But I wouldn’t recommend you to read it as my thought leadership has sharpened and clarified a great deal from there!

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