Agile Business Model Migration 1.0/2.0/3.0 …

Agile Business Model Migration 1.0/2.0/3.0 …
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Sustaining traction on your desired trajectory of profitable growth (and share-price if you are a public company) requires a never ending migration of business model, 1.0 … 2.0 … 3.0 … forever, with the agile-innovation required – see my Vistage Executive Street Blog:  The Path to Agile Innovation.

hbr3Here’s a great article from this month’s Harvard Business Review:  The Transformative Business Model in which the author outlines 6 strategies which capture the emerging trends we see examples of all around us:

  1. A more personalized product or service.
  2. A closed-loop process.
  3. Asset sharing.
  4. Usage-based pricing
  5. A more collaborative ecosystem
  6. An agile and adaptive organization
    • “Innovators sometimes use technology to move away from traditional hierarchical models of decision making in order to make decisions that better reflect market needs and allow real-time adaptation to changes in those needs. The result is often greater value for the customer at less cost to the company”.

#6 is the essence of of AGILE and in particular, Agile-Decision-Making

How AGILE is your decision-making, innovation and business-model migration?


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