Agile Meetings … are at the heart of your Enterprise Agility!

Agile Meetings … are at the heart of your Enterprise Agility!

I know, I know … you are so disappointed to hear that!  You were hoping something else would be at the heart of agility … so that you could avoid one of the least productive elements in the infrastructure of any business … MEETINGS!

Seriously?  Yes!  Like it or lump it, meetings are the back bone of our agility as an organization. Agile meetings that is!  They are central to driving the Conversation-Flow you need, organizing chaos, Fully Triaging your agile execution challenge, tapping into the collective insight of your  team for foresight, inviting good luck and driving your journey in traction on your desired trajectory where you want it to go.

But in many businesses, meetings are a source of Wheel$pin. They start late, run long, don’t achieve much in between and have poor follow-up.  As a result, they are seen as time-consumers and everyone is in some state of meetings overload.  Sound familiar?  Big mistake, think again!

Agile meetings, whether face-to-face or virtual, are at the heart of our agility as an organization.  They are essential to drive the communication, collaboration and coordination we need as a team to prevail. Done well, agile-meetings are time savers, chaos savers and crises savers!  At the extreme, they are life savers!

I love to introduce teams to The Top Ten Tips for AGILE Meetings:

  • An AGILE portfolio of meetings (a meetings matrix – not too many and not too few)
  • The AGILE flow of individual meetings (including introducing teams to The Myths, Mysteries and Magic of Daily Scrum Meetings)
  • The skills of AGILE facilitation for agile meetings (essential for a collective sense of traction not wheelspin)

AGILE Meetings are at the heart of your enterprise-agility because they are the best tool you have to institutionalize the pivot you need to the agile skillsets and mindsets required for sustained success these days:

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