Is Agile Just Another Management Fad? No.

Is Agile Just Another Management Fad?  No.

I’m glad you asked! 

The answer is NO, as Steve Denning says in this Forbes article by the same title, “Is Agile Just Another Management Fad?” .    Indeed, in his final paragraph he says:

  • “Thus the horizontal ideology of Agile and Scrum  on the one hand and the vertical ideology of control that prevails in big hierarchical bureaucracies on the other are at basically at odds with each other.  There is a still a massive effort needed to educate traditional managers on why their organizations are in decline and what Agile and Scrum can do for them.”

I am happy to be part of that “massive effort”, helping traditional managers decode the secrets and what Agile/Scrum can do for them.  My colleagues and I at Agility Consulting & Training are world leaders blazing that trail.   

In the same article, Steve Denning goes on to say:

  • Instead of the prevailing vertical ideology of control, Agile and Scrum reflected a horizontal ideology of enablement. The goal was to create a workspace that could draw on the full talents and capabilities of those doing the work, and systematically remove any impediments to success. This ideology was also a good fit with a business environment that required continuous innovation for success.  The final element that made Agile and Scrum inevitable was the pace of change. Change had become so fast that the big old hierarchical bureaucracies couldn’t cope. Sending commands up and down the management ladder was simply too slow. The top was too far removed from the customer and the work being done to know what was going on, let alone know how to respond to it.

Here are some other great posts by Steve Denning on the same topic:

Coding, Agile & Scrum Go Mainstream in which he says:

  • “A bonus for executives: once they understand how Agile and Scrum can manage the extraordinary complexities of software development, they will realize they can use the same management expertise to manage the mounting complexity of the rest of their business”.

Scrum is a Major Management Discovery in which he says:

  • “If there was a Nobel Prize for management, and if there was any justice in the world, I believe that the prize would be awarded, among others, to Jeff Sutherland, Ken Schwaber and Mike Cohn for their contributions to the invention of Scrum.”

Read more at my blog:  W:  Waterfall vs Agile/Sprint/Scrum


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