Mike Richardson

I am pretty sure I know why you came here:

As a CEO, Executive or Manager in a mid-market Company or Corporation, your agility is being challenged like never before.  As a leader, as a team, as an organization, a business-unit and an enterprise, you are experiencing an accelerating speed of business and pace of change laced with increasing VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity), all of which is testing your agility like never before.  I frequently interact with confidential peer groups of CEOs and executives, from diverse mid-market companies and corporations globally. Regardless of their business or industry, they all express the same challenge.  I specialize in the business agility realities and challenges of mid-market companies and corporations.

You are feeling less and less composed and more and more exposed than you used to. This new normal is upsetting your sense of composure and is creating an uncomfortable sense of risk exposure … with your business, your career and your life.  It threatens your sense of prosperity, as an integration of success and happiness. Believe me, you are not alone.

How am I so sure?

Because I work with lots of people just like you everyday.

I am an agile-facilitator/mentor/coach/trainer, board member/chair, author and keynote-speaker, now working with a diverse range of mid-market clients and peer-group members, across the full spectrum of businesses and industries.  Whether you are an experienced CEO or are a first time rookie; whether you are hi-tech or low-tech, new-economy or old economy, a start-up, a roll-up or a corporation; public or private, for-profit or not-for-profit, young or old, local, regional, international or global, I have facilitated, mentored, coached and trained people like you to crack the code of agility.

  • I am in my second decade of chairing peer groups of CEOs (with Vistage International) to be more agile in business and in life - I am one of Vistage's most successful, tenured and respected Chairs, having Chaired more than 750 peer group meetings of CEOs and Senior Executives and more than 2000 one-to-one coaching sessions with CEOs. Read more at My Vistage Groups.
  • I am one of Vistage International's most in demand expert speakers - I have spoken to more than 300 groups and 3000 CEOs  and Senior Executives in small groups globally and I am recognized as the Vistage community's thought-leading agility expert, in the global network of 20,000 members in 17 countries.
  • As a Principal with Agility Consulting & Training, in which my colleagues and I are world leading practitioners of leadership-agility, team-agility and organizational-agility transformation programs, leveraging The AGILE Model which is research based and with an expanding portfolio of insightful agility-analytics.  We are helping corporations globally to develop an enterprise agility advantage.
  • As a Board Member/Board Chair of diverse businesses, for-profit and not-for-profit, helping the Board, CEO and Executive Team remain fully awake at the wheel in an increasingly VUCA world with the AGILITY required.
  • I also love introducing CEOs and Executives to the power of a peer-process to leverage peer-advantage as part of their agility advantage.   It gives them a glimpse into deeper levels of trust, transparency and teamwork for higher levels of talent-agility and team-agility at the core of their enterprise agility.  As a result, I have seen participants transform their leadership presence, how their leadership is perceived by their peers helping transform teamwork to the next level and transforming their careers with promotions and other opportunities.  Here's what Alan Mulally said about that when he joined us for an afternoon: 

The deep sense of mutual respect, trust and transparency I experienced in Mike’s Vistage Group was exceptional and is what my “working-together” philosophy was all about in Boeing and Ford, helping those teams get to the same place.  Experiencing that in their groups every month, Vistage members should be very confident they can evolve the same level of working-together teamwork in their businesses as we did in Boeing and Ford. (Alan Mulally)


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Because I was you. I have sat in your seat as a manager, an executive and a CEO, with 30 years of experience in the Oil & Gas, Aerospace and Automotive industries, both as an entrepreneur and as an "intra-preneur" in a corporate setting. I have experienced your sense of void … the vacuum of support … the search for answers which comes up short.  From my time s a Petroleum Engineer working on offshore drilling rigs for Shell International, to climbing the corporate ladder of a British Public Company, Spirent PLC (from Project/Program Manager, Product Support Manager, Commercial Manager to Sales & Marketing VP to CEO to Divisional CEO) running the Aerospace Division specializing in FOQA: Flight-Operations-Quality-Assurance (innovating a leading edge integrated system & solution set from Avionics to Enterprise Software, making 3 acquisitions in North America), to serving on the board of a family business of automotive dealerships during one of the most tumultuous times in the Automotive industry’s history.

“Nobody is cracking the code of agility like Mike. At last, someone who really understands the nature of our challenge. Where was Mike all my business life? I wish I had his framework 40 years ago when we started our business! We would have avoided wheel-spin which cost us Millions in lost profits.”
~ Tom Campanaro, Founder & CEO, Total Gym

Because, since 2002, I have dedicated myself to cracking the code of agility, for ordinary people to achieve extraordinary things, helping them future-proof their business, their career and their prosperity.  I am dedicated to changing the world of support for people like you.

My colleagues and I realized we might have to wait a long time for others to fill the void, so we decided to fill it ourselves.  We couldn’t find the system we wanted to use, so we decided to develop it ourselves. We couldn’t find the books we wanted to read, so we decided to write them ourselves. 

So you have come to the right place. Now let's begin Cracking the Code