Trading Places – My Next Leadership Chapter as President at Online Trading Academy evolving a real-time Agile Case-Study

Trading Places – My Next Leadership Chapter as President at Online Trading Academy evolving a real-time Agile Case-Study
Newton's cradle physics concept for action and reaction or cause and effect

Have you ever had that feeling that everything you ever did was preparation to do this? I have been lucky enough to experience that 4 times previously and now again for a 5th time.  After 17 years as an independent facilitator, coach and mentor, including 15 years as a Vistage Chair and Speaker, I am trading places … literally … I have joined Online Trading Academy (OTA) in the role of President.

  • OTA is the world leader in educating ordinary people like you and me to trade and invest with confidence in stocks and shares, futures, options, foreign exchange and other financial vehicles.  Building on that core with an expanding array of financial education in OTAcademy we are democratizing financial freedom, for ordinary people to achieve extraordinary things.    Read more at What’s Happening at OTA? 
  • It’s a one of a kind company with a one of a kind energy. I am proud to be part of a company of such passion, culture and talent, all pursuing a very noble purpose and mission: enriching lives worldwide through exceptional financial education.
  • Not surprisingly therefore, in its 22nd year (2018), already a very substantial global business and growing very rapidly, OTA has audacious aspirations to change millions of lives.
  • I am delighted to be back in the driving seat of a business having a great time evolving a case-study of enterprise agility, to continue the journey with the sustainability, scalability and agility required.

If you ever wanted to follow along step by step with an agile transformation journey, now is your chance!  I will be blogging about this as a real time unfolding case study which you can follow along with:  Real-Time Agility Case-Study


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