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Let's have an eye-level conversation.  Are you Agile or Fragile?  Are you an Agile Leadership Presence or a Fragile Leadership Presence?  Are you part of the Fragile Majority or the Agile Minority?  Part of your Fragility problem or part of your Agility solution?


What does it take to move from the Fragile Majority to the Agile Minority?  As a leader, as a team, as an organization, as a business, with your innovation?  Add all of that up, as an enterprise?  Become students of Agility.

Inspiring Audiences to Become Students of Agility!

My keynote speaking has one aim … to inspire your audience  to become students of agility … because their future prosperity pivots upon it, in business and in life, much more than they realize. bio-resizedTo that end my topics are provocative, profound and practical, to help people crack the code of agility with new mindsets, skillsets and toolsets. I help them be ready, willing and able to go on the journey to mastery of agility.

A Pivot to Agile Mindsets, Skillsets, Toolsets.

With a Love/Hate Relationship at Eye-Level!

My success as an agile facilitator, coach/mentor and keynote speaker for CEOs and Senior Executives comes from my ability to be at eye-level with them - I have sat in their seat, mastering the secrets of agility the hard way, through real experience, the only way you really can.  At eye-level, I love finding the agile-middle of accountability as an and-proposition of love and hate! They hate me when I will not let them shy away from the complexities of their whole agility challenge. They love me when I provide unconditional support to help them go on the journey to mastery of agility. Through a mixture of humorous and serious stories, with a little "Britishness" sprinkled in, I earn the right to be in the same eye-level, love/hate mode with my audiences.



Telling Stories & Using Examples to Reveal Insights into Agility Which Everyone Can Relate to

From my time as a Petroleum Engineer working on offshore drilling rigs for Shell, to climbing the corporate ladder of a British Public Company running the Aerospace division specializing in flight-safety, every-systemto serving on the board of a family business of automotive dealerships during one of the most tumultuous times in the Automotive industry’s history, to now working with a diverse range of clients and peer-group members across the full spectrum of businesses and industries, I have learned agility the hard way through real experience, which is the only way to real mastery.  I love telling stories and using examples from these experiences to reveal insights into agility which everyone can relate to.  I interpret the secrets of agility, translate them into business terms and facilitate CEOs, Senior Executives and their teams to institutionalize them into an Agility Operating System.  Read More:  About Mike Richardson and CV Bio Resume for Mike Richardson

Stories and Examples, Revealing Insights into Agility Everyone Can Relate To

Learned the Hard Way Through Real Experience

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Tailored to your audience, premier topics include:


Thriving in the Chaos of a VUCA World: The 5 Realities & Roles of Everyday Agile Leadership & Teamwork

Learning what agile leaders do every day to build the agile teamwork needed to prevail, survive and thrive in the increasing chaos of the VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity) business world in which we live.  My message to CEOs, Senior Executives and Managers?  If you don't take full responsibility to be Chief of these 5 roles in your business, overcoming the 5 realities, then trust me, nobody else will!  You risk paying a huge price.  Read More (sharing the stage with Jim Collins).2014-06-02 12.34.53 - resized

Agile Confidence: The Secret of 21st Century Teamwork & Leadership

Understanding the secrets of teams and leaders who are fully present to and fully engaged in the agility challenge of today’s VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity) business world, with the confidence which comes from that, remaining composed and courageous.  My message to CEOs, Senior Executives and Managers?  Be in the minority who are an Agile Leadership Presence not the majority who are a Fragile Leadership Presence.  Read More (comparing notes with Alan Mulally, ex CEO of Ford)

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Cracking the Code of Enterprise Agility:  The Mindsets, Skillsets & Toolsets for Agile High-Performance-Teamwork and Leadership

Comprehending the whole challenge, the whole problem and the whole solution of agility, enterprise wide and enterprise deep, to be in traction and avoid wheel-spin on your desired trajectory as a high-performance-team.  My message to CEOs, Senior Executives and Managers?  Enterprise agility is the only competitive advantage which has any permanence these days.  Everything else is increasingly temporary, increasingly quickly.Header Collage v2 - resized

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Peering into Agility:  Leveraging Peer-Advantage into Agility-Advantage C2C (from Conversation-Flow to Cash-Flow)

Distilling the communication element of our agility challenge these days ... Conversation-Flow to Cash-Flow (C2C) ... to keep our cash-flow on the rails we must keep our conversation-flow on the rails (if our conversation-flow derails in the present, our cash-flow derails in the future;  to change the trajectory of our cash-flow in the future we must change the trajectory our conversation-flow in the present, with the agility required).  There is no better tool than leveraging the power of peers (Peering into Team-Agility & Talent-Agility: A New Tool for HR).  My message to CEOs, Senior Executives and Managers?  Conversation becomes cash!  A team’s success or failure with cash-flow is caused by its success or failure with conversation-flow, with the agility required.  Stack the odds in your favor by leveraging the power of peers.  Peer-Advantage becomes Agility-Advantage.082-1024x684 - resized

Just did my favorite keynote, "Thriving in Chaos: The 5 Roles of Everyday Agile Leaders" for an all-city member event in Buenos Aires, Argentina ... with 300 CEOs and Senior Executives of diverse businesses and industries (with simultaneous translation - hence Spanish elements in the video below - I come on about 45 seconds into the video).

What Others are Saying

“Mike Richardson rocked!  As the keynote speaker at our August 2015 Buenos Aires all-city, he commanded the room with his keynote stagecraft and presence, inspiring our 300 members, guests and chairs to be more agile in an increasingly VUCA world (Volatility, Complexity, Uncertainty, Ambiguity).  His topic might be one of the most important and timely we have ever had and he does a great job making the complex simple, with a uniquely informing and entertaining mixture of stories, examples and frameworks.  I strongly recommend him for any keynote event.”

- Alejo Canton, President, Vistage Argentina

"I selected Mike Richardson as our keynote workshop leader. His message is on creating agile organizations. It was a rousing, exciting, dynamic three hours of fun and deep insight. The feedback in my follow up 1-2-1’s was overwhelmingly positive.  Mike does a wonderful job, either in a regular group setting or in a custom designed situation such as this. Book him for your members who are struggling with finding an organizational design that remains relevant in a rapidly changing world."

- David Belden, Vistage Chair & Eli Global Leadership Institute

Mike Richardson spoke to my CEO group last month on execution. We do not have many speakers on execution in the system. Mike did an amazing job of addressing the challenges of executing and gave my members tools that they could take back and start working with. Mike challenges the members and makes them think.
Howard LiebermanVistage ChairVistage, Seattle USA