Agility Summit with Mike Richardson

Agility Summit with Mike Richardson

Join our Global Vistage Community’s Thought Leading Expert in Agility, Mike Richardson (Vistage Chair & Speaker) for a day to immerse your team in their AGILITY challenge.  


Change has changed.  But most leaders have not changed with it.

Don’t let that be you and your team.  The nature of change has changed – we now live in an accelerating VUCA world (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity & Ambiguity) – the speed of business and pace of change, laced with increasing VUCA, is the new normal, requiring a pivot of mindset, skillset and toolset to AGILE.  Yet many leaders are left wondering why their traditional approaches old-normal don’t work anymore in this new-normal.  Don’t let that be you and your team.


When there is less and less you can count on these days with any certainty, you have to be able to count more and more on your agility to cope, no matter what.

Engage your team in learning:

  • WHY?  Why all businesses are figuring out how to pivot to AGILE.  Most people assume that AGILE started with software (Wrong) and is for software companies only (Wrong).
  • WHAT?  What is AGILE and what is it not.  AGILE is open to a lot of mis-interpretation.
  • WHO?  Who do you need to be as a leader in your equation of agility.  Are you and AGILE Leadership Presence or a FRAGILE Leadership Presence?
  • HOW/WHERE/WHEN?  How, where and when do you get started on your transformation journey to AGILE.  What to do first.  What to do next.  What to do after that.


Agility is the only competitive advantage which has any permanence these days.  Everything else is in increasingly temporary, increasingly quickly.

You will be able to understand:

  • VUCA – we will engage you in The VUCA Report before the event and share the resulting survey data with you
  • 3 Core Concepts – we will explore the 3 core concepts of agility, understanding insights from the design of jet fighter planes and the training of jet fighter pilots
  • An On-Ramp of 9 Actions – some of which you can start to implement the following day


When you need a friend, its too late to make one!  Be making friends with agility before it’s too late.

Become a student of AGILITY.  It will be a dynamic day of interactive discussions, task-team exercises and breakout groups.  Find out more in the video below:

About Mike Richardson

Agility-Facilitator/Mentor/Coach; Agility-Author/Speaker; Agility-Board-Member/Chairman. All-round Agility Activist in everything I do, every day, everywhere, in every way. Provocative, Profound, Practical. At Eye-Level. With Love/Hate!

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