Alan Mulally and Bryce Hoffman speaking to Dale Carnegie

Alan Mulally and Bryce Hoffman speaking to Dale Carnegie
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After publishing his best-selling book, “American Icon:  Alan Mulally and the Fight to Save Ford Motor Company” author Bryce Hoffman became a Dale Carnegie graduate, saying …

I love it, it’s changing my life, and every principle I am learning, I am thinking to myself, that’s what Alan Mulally did at Ford!

Hear more in the video below in which he relates Alan Mulally’s turnaround approach at Ford with Dale Carnegie’s core principles. 

Alan Mulally himself said …

I believe in Dale Carnegie so much because it’s based on dignity of others and helping each other

Also hear him speaking at Dale Carnegie in the second video below.

All this is so cool.  I also believe deeply in Dale Carnegie:

  • I used Dale Carnegie extensively across the global Aerospace Division of a British Public company (Spirent PLC) which I used to run back in my corporate days in the 1990s.  Jack Ross (who was the Dale Carnegie UK Franchisee) flew all over the world with me to work with each of my businesses in partnership with the local Dale Carnegie franchisee.
  • In December 1999 I was invited to deliver a keynote on the final morning of their Annual Convention in Seattle, entitled “Breaking Through to a New Future”, which I did in the true Dale Carnegie way, with no notes and only 3 PowerPoint slides!  You can find an extract here: Dale Carnegie Annual Convention Mike Richardson Keynote Speech
  • In 2000 I went through their train the trainer program, becoming a Certified Dale Carnegie Trainer.  It was a world class experience.
  • In 2016 Alan Mulally came and spent an afternoon with me and my Vistage CEO Group:  Honorary Vistage Member: Alan Mulally

When he first reveals his slide, I love his comment:

That’s all I know, that’s it, any questions?

Later on he goes on to say:

Working together always works

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