Full Keynote Video: Speaking at Colorado CEO Forum

Full Keynote Video:  Speaking at Colorado CEO Forum

Had a blast speaking to 500 CEOs at the Colorado CEO Forum in Denver in October 2018, for which below is the full video of my full keynote lasting 2.5 hours (150 minutes) in total:

  • 80 minutes of overview of an AGILITY Operating System and the 5 Roles of Everyday AGILE Leaders
  • 40 minutes of 9 On-Ramp Actions I want you to take to get started with your transformation journey to AGILE (with follow-up link for downloadable resources, including PDF of my presentation:  AGILE On Ramp)
  • 30 minutes of Q&A

This was my last Keynote for a while as I am going inside one of my fast-growth client’s, full-time as President/Chief AGILITY Officer.  It is rapidly becoming an AGILE case-study of everything I talk about in my keynote/video … and then some!  We have already made a solid start:

  • 80% done fully institutionalizing steps 1 through 3 of my on-ramp of 9 actions
  • 50% done institutionalizing steps 4 and 5
  • 30% done institutionalizing steps 6, 7 and 8
  • 80% done institutionalizing step 9 (we did our first Traction Plan 12 months ago, which we Triage every Quarter, every Month, every Week and every Day to some degree and we just did our next Annual review, refreshing, re-shaping and re-triaging our Traction Plan for the next phase of traction on our trajectory of fast-growth in a very VUCA world)

I am having a blast!  If you want to follow along with the unfolding case-study sign-up here: (under construction)

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