Love/Hate – The Tightrope I Love to Walk

Love/Hate – The Tightrope I Love to Walk

When I speak and facilitate workshops I love to find that fine line between pushing too much and pushing to little, being too assertive and not being assertive enough, playing too hard and playing too soft.  I call it love/hate.  People love me and hate me at the same time, which is the learning edge I love to find.  Debriefing from a train-the-trainer session once we were going round the room person by person, giving one word that distilled our sense of that person’s leadership presence.  When it was my turn, the first person said “reverent”.  The second person said “irreverent”.  Yes!  Exactly where I want to be!

About Mike Richardson

Agility-Facilitator/Mentor/Coach; Agility-Author/Speaker; Agility-Board-Member/Chairman. All-round Agility Activist in everything I do, every day, everywhere, in every way. Provocative, Profound, Practical. At Eye-Level. With Love/Hate!

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