Message from Mike Richardson for PAC Worldwide

Message from Mike Richardson for PAC Worldwide

Hello all – please see my video message below:

Your only homework/pre-work is to outlined below:

1.  Participate in The VUCA Report.

  • Follow the link and then click on the buttons to proceed to The VUCA Report survey
  • GROUP CODE: leave this blank
  • ORGANIZATION NAME – for consistency please use: PAC
  • Deadline for completion is end of day Friday September 8th (it only takes 10 minutes to participate)

2.  Watch the Other Video (see below – about 20 minutes long)


3.  Consider the Questions-to-Ponder:

  1. How is your AGILITY being tested these days?
    • As a business?
    • As an organization?
    • As a leader?
  2. What kinds of VUCA are you experiencing?
    • External?
    • Internal?
  3. What kinds of Wheel$pin are you experiencing? (you aren’t getting traction on your desired trajectory)
    • ?
    • ?
    • ?

I am looking forward to being with you.

Introduction to Agility Video:

About Mike Richardson

Agility-Facilitator/Mentor/Coach; Agility-Author/Speaker; Agility-Board-Member/Chairman. All-round Agility Activist in everything I do, every day, everywhere, in every way. Provocative, Profound, Practical. At Eye-Level. With Love/Hate!

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