Non-Vistage Resource Speaker Quick-Start Guide

Non-Vistage Resource Speaker Quick-Start Guide

Eastern AirlinesIt was great being with you as your Speaker and I am glad that you responded to my call-to-action for follow-up resources here at this quick-start guide, designed to provide you a on-ramp to becoming more agile as a leader, a team, an organization, a business and an enterprise.

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Don’t be an Eastern Airlines! Take these immediate priority action steps to get the snowball rolling to become a student of agility.

Download the Handout here: Handout from Mike Richardson 6.1







Steps 1 & 2:


Steps 3 & 4:

Steps 5 & 6:

Step 7:

  • The 8 Steps of Business Model Migration:  a-step-by-step-guide-to-business-model-migration (most of the embedded links point at artifacts inside of Vistage.com, so yo will need your login … I am working on uploading the key artifacts as downloadables here)

Step 8:

  • To stay VUCA Aware and also to engage Your Team in the same, participate in The VUCA Report at The Strategic Agility Institute.  This is an easy first step that will help you stay fully awake at the wheel and engage your team in understanding the VUCA coming at you plus beginning to formulate your agility response by understanding  your gaps and beginning to address them.  >>> Important Notes Regarding GROUP CODE & your ORGANIZATION NAME fields:
  • VUCA ReportWhen you take the survey, please use Vistage1234 in the GROUP CODE field (i.e. Vistage followed by your 3 or 4 digit group number with no space in between, or if you are with TEC please use TEC1234, again with no space) and your company/organization name in the ORGANIZATION NAME field (see image to right)
  • Then advise your team to leave the GROUP CODE field blank and use the same consistent format of your company/organization name as you did in the ORGANIZATION NAME field.
  • This will enable us to provide a summary report segmented for your  company/organization while also including you in the segmentation for your individual Vistage group and for Vistage overall.
  • E-mail me at mike365@agilitycode.com when they have completed it and the company/organization name you used.


  • For help institutionalizing the framework of agile processes we reviewed, see “SUBSCRIBE HERE” below. Receive:
    • A monthly sprint tip, tool and technique to help you progressively institutionalize the full framework of agile processes we reviewed, as part of a 12 Month Program
    • Other resources, insights and inspiration to help you with the other steps we reviewed at the end of our session and beyond – my commitment is to help you fully become students of agility and to go on your journey to mastery of agility as a leader, a team, an organization, a business and as an enterprise – receive regular inspiration, insights and resources.

Step 9:


  • “Traction Planning” with your team.  If you want to go further/faster with an Agile Strategy/Execution/Traction Process with your team to be fully triaging your agenda and shifting into a next gear of traction on your desired trajectory of profitable growth with the agility required.  Drop me an e-mail at mike365@agilitycode.com

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