Speaking at the Online Trading Academy Annual Conference

Speaking at the Online Trading Academy Annual Conference

What a great event!  In its 20th year, the Online Trading Academy is only just getting started in realizing its full potential for changing lives.  OTA educates ordinary people how to trade in 5 asset classes (stocks, options, futures, forex and real-estate), for both short-term income and long-term wealth, to help them thrive, take charge of their financial future and become financially independent.

OTA has a rapidly expanding community of over 200,000 investors so far, who have learned to trade with the skill and confidence of professional traders.  Most crucially, OTA focuses on the critical reality of skill-building, developed through learning-by-doing with expert guided-practice.  That’s the only way to go on the journey to mastery of the complexities involved and develop the confident competence and discipline required.

Hence, contrary to the broadening online virtual world, OTA is deepening its commitment to bricks & mortar class-rooms at the core of its business model.  Yes, of course, extended and supplemented by a latest generation technology and mobile platform.  But nothing can replicate the skill building which comes from an in-class-room cohort experience of real-time expert guided practice, both in simulations and culminating in real trading in real markets with real house money.  This is what uniquely differentiates OTA from the crowd.

I am honored to be helping the founder/CEO Eyal Shahar (pictured below in the middle), COO Gene Longobardi and the C-Team lead the way in developing the agility they need, enterprise wide and enterprise deep, to continue the journey onwards and upwards to an even bigger, better and brighter future.  I had a blast at their event and the passion for their mission and purpose was palpable.  It shows in their Ratings & Reviews from Students.

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