1 Competitive Advantage

1 Competitive Advantage

Agility is the one and only competitive advantage that has any permanence these days.  Everything else is increasingly temporary increasingly quickly!

The only unsurprising thing about the future is that it will be full of surprises!  Any competitive advantage which you feel is a sustainable and protect-able asset can become become a liability, surprisingly easily and surprisingly quickly!  Any complacency can easily get punished, often bigger and faster than your worst night-mare, with few second chances.  Who’s been asleep at the wheel?  We must stay fully awake at the wheel.

When you need a friend, it’s too late to make one!  Be making friends with agility before it’s too late!

Increasing VUCA’ness (VUCA:  Volatility; Uncertainty; Complexity;  Ambiguity) divides the world into 2 camps of people, companies and futures.  The agility-advantaged-minority and the agility-disadvantaged-majority.  The agile and the fragile.  Agility separates the best from the rest, the first from the worst and the victors from the victims.  It determines who is thriving and who is barely surviving.  It determines who is is traction and who is experiencing wheel-spin.

It is the one answer to the one question which has been a theme of my career and is behind my book, “Wheel$pin:  The Agile Executive’s Manifesto” … “Why, despite all our investments in our businesses (strategic planning & implementation; business process re-engineering & enterprise software; leadership development & team-building) do we still experience a lot more wheel$pin than we should?”  Wheel$pin which can cost us a fortune and potentially our future prosperity, in business and in life.

Why?  Agility.  Or rather, a lack of it.  One question;  one answer;  one competitive advantage.

Will you break from the majority to join the minority?


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