D: Diagnosis & Treatment of Enterprise Agility

D:  Diagnosis & Treatment of Enterprise Agility

To optimize our future we must optimize our agility.  To optimize our agility we must optimize our conversation-flow.  By diagnosing and treating our conversation-flow we are optimizing our agility and our future.  Our future and our agility is driven by the “QQC” of our conversation-flow:  Quantity, Quality and Cadence:

  • Quantity – the quantity of our conversation-flow.  Are we talking about enough about the right things?  Are we talking too much about the wrong things?  Are we talking sufficiently in foresight, ahead of a crisis/to avert a crisis, or because we aren’t, we are talking too much in hindsight in a crisis?  Are we talking enough to drive full triage or insufficiently allowing partial triage?  Are we talking so much about the big stuff that we are not talking sufficiently about the small stuff or vice versa?
  • Quality – the quality of our conversation-flow.  Are we finding the agile-middle?
  • Cadence – the cadence of our conversation-flow.  Are we shrinking our organizational OODA loop?

Diagnosing and treating the Quantity, Quality and Cadence of our conversation-flow-to-cash-flow drives our agility and our future.  We can do that looking through the lens of Everyday Agile Leadership and the 5 Roles of Everyday Agile Leaders.

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