100 Agility Jokes

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This one is a little tougher.  But I do like to have fun and inject humor into my keynote-speaking and workshops, so I game for the challenge.

1.  I love this cartoon, as it reinforces the #1 thing I would do starting tomorrow in any business … start a daily scrum meeting to move the needle from disorganized-chaos (“Oh crap!  Was that today?”) to organized chaos (Don’t Forget!  That’s Tomorrow)Oh crap was that today

2.  Another one about disorganized chaos.  Don’t you hate poorly organized stampedes!  I know I do!  I don’t mind a well organized stampede.  In fact, I relish it, I’m at my best in it.  That’s organized-chaos not disorganized-chaos.  Huge difference.  In fact, two different worlds, which I educate people about!Disorganized Stampedes




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