100 Examples of Everyday Agile Leaders (in Non-Business Settings)

Everyday Agile Leaders in non-business settings face an agility challenge everyday in which the consequences are acute, in many cases potentially life and death, depending upon whether their agility passes or fails the test.

1.  Petroleum Engineer

I am only starting with this one as it is how I started my career.  I was a Petroleum Engineer for Shell International working on oil and gas drilling rigs, onshore and offshore.  It was a fabulous experience, which I look upon now as so informing of my insights into agility.

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A we saw from the BP Gulf Oil spill, if your agility gets tested on a drilling rig and you don’t pass the test, then things can go really bad, really big, really fast, with few second chances.

2.  Fighter-Pilot

Meet Jerry Singleton, a 30 year career fighter-pilot.  Coming soon.

3.  Navy Seal

Meet Bob Schoultz, a 31 year career Navy Seal.  Coming soon.

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