100 PPP (Personal Productivity Process) Ideas

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Here is a progressive list of 100 ways and ideas for you to improve your personal productivity process (PPP).  When I speak to groups of CEO and Executives, I challenge them with a hypothesis I have, with lots of empirical evidence, that the personal productivity process (system, software, tips, tricks and techniques etc) of most of their direct reports ….. SUCKS!  Just take a look at their inbox (typically with 342 unread e-mails!) and their office (with piles of paper everywhere) and their filing system (if you can find one).  Why, because they haven’t taken a read a book or taken a class lately, or made some other investment in their personal productivity.  Disaster zone!  Here are 100 ideas for what they could do.

1.  The 1% Solution

2.  Wiggle Room

3.  Visual Triage


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