100 Things (to Do to Develop Your Enterprise Agility)

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Agility is made up a large number of small things, as opposed to a small number of large things.  Here is a progressive list of 100, starting with the first 5 I focus on when speaking to groups.

1.  Business Model Migration

2.  Declaring War on Excuses

3.  Core-Values in 100 Places

4.  Meetings Matrix

5.  Morning Meeting/Daily Scrum (Daily Meeting/Huddle)

That’s 1 thru 5 which, by the way, I would do in reverse order, #5 within 1 day, #4 within 1 week, #3 within 1 month, #2 within 1 quarter, #1 in the 2nd quarter.

The remainder of the 100 are in no particular order and my game plan would depend upon the situation, varying case by case.








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