What to do if the Stock Markets Crash

What to do if the Stock Markets Crash
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Great webinar video below from Online Trading Academy:

  • What to Do if the Markets Crash … or rather, what to do when the markets crash … or even better, what to do before the markets crash.  The video gives a great overview depending upon your goals:
    • Preserving Capital? Understand the pros and cons of going to Cash, CDs (Certificates of Deposit) and Treasuries
    • Buying the Pullback?  Understand the pros and cons of Limit Orders to Buy and Selling Put Options/Collecting Premiums
    • Capitalizing on the Selloff?  Understanding the pros and cons of short selling Stocks, ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds, including Inverse ETFs to short your 401K/IRA which you cannot sell short) Futures, Options (Buying Puts and Selling Calls while they are still cheap) and Forex (Foreign Exchange)
  • What’s your Plan to Control your Future?  Be Prepared.  Be Proactive.  Have a Plan.
  • Find more webinars like this at OTAcademy

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