Influencing Those, Who Influence Those, Who Influence Many!

Influencing Those, Who Influence Those, Who Influence Many!

One of the things we say in Vistage is “Influencing Those Who Influence Many“, which is why I love speaking about agility to small groups of CEOs in an interactive workshop setting – influencing CEOs who influence many executives/managers/employees to be more agile as leaders/teams/organizations.

It gets even better when I am doing agility workshops with Vistage/TEC Chairs.  Influencing Chairs to be more agile, in the way they run their groups and the way they engage their members in agile mindsets, skillsets and toolsets, so they can influence their CEOs to influence their employees to be more agile.

That’s a lot of influence – Vistage comprises:

  • 750 Chairs with 1500 Groups and 20,000 members in 1,900 Cities in 16 Countries
  • $300 Billion in Annual Revenue with 1.8 Million Employees in 800 Industries
  • 16,000 Group Meetings Per Year, 13,000 one-to-one coaching sessions with CEOs Per Month, 24,000 Business Issues Solved Per Month.

I just did an all-day agility workshop in Buenos Aires with the Chairs of Vistage Argentina.  I had a blast and the simultaneous translation worked great allowing the session to be equally as interactive as it usually is.

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