Message for Bearspaw Contracting

Message for Bearspaw Contracting

I am looking forward to being with you for our upcoming team session. Please see my video below and then continue reading below for a little pre-work:

Some pre-work: In advance of our session, please be considering these Questions-to-Ponder:

  • How is your AGILITY being tested these days?
    • As an Enterprise?
    • With your Innovation?
    • With your Business Model Migration?
    • As an Organization?
    • As a Team?
    • As a individual Leader? (Or as an individual Team-Member?)
  • What kinds of VUCA are you experiencing?
    • External?
    • Internal?
  • What kinds of Wheel$pin are you experiencing? (you aren’t getting traction on your desired trajectory)
    • ?
    • ?
    • ?

I am looking forward to being with you.

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