The VUCA of Driverless Cars is Coming, Probably Faster & Bigger Than You Think!

The VUCA of Driverless Cars is Coming, Probably Faster & Bigger Than You Think!

Watch this TED Talk video of Chris Umson, Director of Self-Driving Cars at Google, outlining how advanced the technology is already, of how the car sees the road, surrounding traffic, cyclists, school buses, pedestrians, road-works, traffic cops and more, making autonomous decisions about what to do.

Self-Driving cars are probably coming a lot faster and bigger than you think.  Chris Umson finishes by mentioning his 11 year son who will be eligible for a driver’s license in 4.5 years, which Chris and his team are committed to making sure doesn’t happen!  Less than 5 years!

Imagine the potential VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity) impact upon such things as:

  • Our urban landscapes (we no longer need all the parking lot structures in our urban cores as self-driving cars can drop- off/pick-up curbside, autonomously parking outside the urban core)
  • Car-sales-volumes (we no longer need 3 cars in the garage when one can autonomously drop-off/pick-up everyone sequentially)
  • Passenger safety and the relief of burden upon our medical facilities (we no longer have the equivalent, as Chris Umson explains, of the casualties from one Boeing 737 crashing, every working day!)
  • Our personal productivity (we no longer lose productivity during our commute which might also be less traffic congested)
  • Car-insurance premiums and the insurance industry
  • … and so much more we haven’t even begun to imagine yet!

The VUCA of Self-Driving Cars will impact every single one of us, in life and in business, probably much faster and much bigger than you think!

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