Message for Harris Supply Solutions

Message for Harris Supply Solutions

I am looking forward to being with you for your Leadership Meeting in Scottsdale in October, in which we will explore the secrets of Enterprise Agility together. Please see my video below and then continue reading below for a little homework/pre-work:

Despite the external and internal VUCA they face, AGILE Leaders, Teams, Organizations and Enterprises find ways to innovate and migrate their business model, for a pathway and trajectory of success, on which they get traction avoiding wheel-spin.  When you are AGILE, VUCA is full of opportunity.  When you are FRAGILE, VUCA is full of threat.

To that end, we will explore the answers to these backbone questions:

  • WHY? Why all businesses are figuring out how to pivot to AGILE. Because we live in a world of accelerating VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity & Ambiguity). Utilizing data from our survey of 1000+ (and counting) CEOs and senior Executives, The VUCA Report tracks 35 disruptive VUCA trends and 15 AGILE capabilities. Participate here in The VUCA Report so I can bring a comparative dataset for you.
    • Follow the link and then click on the buttons to proceed to The VUCA Report survey
    • GROUP CODE: leave this blank
    • ORGANIZATION NAME – for consistency please use: Harris
    • Deadline for completion is end of day Wednesday October 3rd (it only takes 10 minutes to participate)
  • WHAT? What is AGILE and what is it not. AGILE is open to a lot of misinterpretation, myths and mental traps which we will shatter. Understanding the AGILITY insights revealed from the design of a fighter-plane and the training of a fighter-pilot. Understanding the challenge of TRIAGE on an offshore drilling rig. Understanding how to institutionalize these AGILITY insights into any business.
  • WHO? Most importantly, who do you need to be as a leader in your equation of AGILITY? We will reveal 5 attributes of AGILITY to change your relationship with which reveal 5 roles of Everyday AGILE Leaders. Understanding who you need to be as a team? Understanding who you need to be as an organization.
  • HOW/WHERE/WHEN? How, where and when do you get started on your transformation journey to AGILE, enterprise-wide and enterprise-deep. Understanding how to TRIAGE a path which is prone to success. Understanding what to do first, what to do next and what to do after that. Understanding a progressive on-ramp of actions which you can get started with immediately.

I look forward to being with you and getting acquainted. Beforehand, please be considering these 3 Questions-to-Ponder:

  1. How is our landscape shifting?
    • What opportunities and threats are taking shape on the horizon?
      • Externally in our industry/market space?
      • Internally in our corporate environment?
  2. How is our value-chain and our place in it shifting?
    • Our relationships with our customer and our customer’s customer?
    • Our supply-chain?
    • How is the value-chain/supply-chain changing and what new strategic relationships are emerging?
  3. How would we structure and strategize our business to compete and be successful if we were starting afresh today with no constraints or legacy issues?
    • Strategy?
    • Structure?
    • Overall Game-Plan?

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