Message for Harris Supply Solutions

3 Questions:

  1. How is our landscape shifting?
    • What opportunities and threats are taking shape on the horizon?
      • Externally in our industry/market space?
      • Internally in our corporate environment?
    • We will be doing The VUCA Report survey a few weeks prior to the event, which will provide us a data set answering the question:  What VUCA are we experiencing? (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity & Ambiguity), externally and internally.
  2. How is our value-chain and our place in it shifting?
    • Our relationships with our customer and our customer’s customer?
    • Our supply-chain?
    • How is the value-chain/supply-chain changing and what new strategic relationships are emerging?
  3. How would we structure and strategize our business to compete and be successful if we were starting afresh today with no constraints or legacy issues?
    • Strategy?
    • Structure?
    • Overall Game-Plan?

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