Message from Mike Richardson for DuraBuilt

Message from Mike Richardson for DuraBuilt

Hello all – I am looking forward to being with you for your leadership session at the end of January, exploring the secrets of AGILITY. 

Please see my video message below:

We will be focusing on 3 things in our workshop:

  1. ACCOUNTABILITY – at the core of everything.
    • Holding ourselves accountable as individuals, as a team and as an organization …
    • … with No Excuses, No Surprises and Total Ownership
    • … of Behaviors we Always Expect & Never Expect to Observe or Hear
  2. AGILITY – an AGILITY Operating System to survive and thrive in an increasingly VUCA World
    • Understanding the Whole Challenge, the Whole Problem & the Whole Solution and answers to the questions …
    • WHY?  Why AGILE?  Why at all?  Why you?  Why now?
    • WHAT?  What is agility?  What is it not?  What is a framework and what are the component parts?
    • WHO?  Who do you need to be in the equation?  As a leader, as a team and as an organization?  Are you an agile-leadership-presence or a fragile-leadership-presence?
    • HOW/WHERE/WHEN?  How, where and when to get started?  How to go on the learning journey to mastery of Agility?  How to develop an agility-advantage enterprise-wide and enterprise-deep.
  3. VUCA – your accelerating world of VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity)
    • External VUCA
    • Internal VUCA

Looking forward to being together very much.

About Mike Richardson

Agility-Facilitator/Mentor/Coach; Agility-Author/Speaker; Agility-Board-Member/Chairman. All-round Agility Activist in everything I do, every day, everywhere, in every way. Provocative, Profound, Practical. At Eye-Level. With Love/Hate!

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