Message from Mike Richardson for Online Trading Academy

Message from Mike Richardson for Online Trading Academy

Hello all – please see my video message below:

We will be focusing on 3 things in our workshop:

1.  Keeping Up & Getting Ahead

  • Change has changed but the majority of leaders haven’t changed with it
  • Understanding VUCA- Your External VUCA Environment & Your Internal VUCA Environment
  • You will learn Agile Core Concept #1:  Organizational OODA Loop (from the training of Fighter Pilots)

2.  Facilitating the Flow

  • Changing your relationship with key attributes of agility, especially CHAOS
  • Moving from the Fragile Majority to the Agile Minority
  • You will learn Agile Core Concept #2:  Finding the Agile Middle (from the design of a Fighter Plane)

3.  Staying On Top of Everything

  • Translating Agile Strategy and Agile Execution into Traction
  • Developing an Agile Culture, Agile Productivity & Agile Focus
  • You will learn Agile Core Concept #3:  Triage

Embedding these 3 Core Concepts, we will reveal an overall framework for your Agility Operating System at multiple levels simultaneously:

  • Leadership Agility + Team Agility + Organizational Agility + Business Agility + Innovation Agility = Enterprise Agility

We will explore practical approaches you can take in the following days, weeks and months to institutionalize this Agility Operating System:

  • Agile Decision Making
  • Agile Project Management
  • Agile Meetings
  • Agile Culture
  • Agile Business Model Migration
  • Other Agile Processes

We will create a “Traction Plan” together to triage the path of your Agile transformation journey. 


Your only homework/pre-work is to outlined below:

I am looking forward to being with you.

About Mike Richardson

Agility-Facilitator/Mentor/Coach; Agility-Author/Speaker; Agility-Board-Member/Chairman. All-round Agility Activist in everything I do, every day, everywhere, in every way. Provocative, Profound, Practical. At Eye-Level. With Love/Hate!

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