Erin Peereboom Brings a Whole Brain Model to my Groups

Erin Peereboom Brings a Whole Brain Model to my Groups

You already know how much I LOVE whole-brained models.  Erin Peereboom did a fantastic job bringing one of the latest contemporary whole-brained  models to my Vistage groups this month, emergenetics.

Here’s what caught my attention most of all about it being GREAT:

  • My members did an online assessment before the meeting – they were all motivated to do it because they love assessments.
  • The personalized package of materials each member was given with their assessment inside was exceptional – I mentioned to each group that it was above and beyond anything I have seen in my 15 years as a Vistage Chair.
  • Erin REALLY knows her stuff and was able to react and respond real time to the members in a most effective way.  Not surprisingly, she was the 2017 Vistage Breakout Speaker of the Year.
  • She got the members on their feet participating in various exercises and reviews around the room.
  • There is a downloadable app which members can log into to access their profile, share in the community, strategize how best to interact with someone according to their profile and access various tactical tools – FANTASTIC.

I highly recommend Erin and her workshop.  Trust me, you won’t regret it.


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