Farewell: “They Rise Highest Who Lift As They Go”

Farewell:  “They Rise Highest Who Lift As They Go”
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Hello all – yesterday was my last official day as a Vistage Chair and Speaker after 15 years … I am trading places … literally:  Trading Places – My Next Leadership Chapter as President at Online Trading Academy evolving a real-time Agile Case-Study.

  • OTA has been built by a one of a kind Vistage member, entrepreneur, founder and CEO, Eyal Shahar. We met mid 2017 when I spoke to his Vistage Group with my Agility topic and I have loved getting progressively involved ever since, working with the incredibly talented team he has been assembling since he started the business in 1997. I have found it to be a very special place. If you want to follow along step by step with an AGILE transformation journey, now is your chance! Click on the link above.
  • From multiple angles and on multiple levels it just feels like the time is right for my next evolution and I have been transitioning out of my 4 vibrant groups and in-demand speaking progressively this year. I feel blessed for having been part of the Vistage community, having learned and grown so much and having truly valued my relationship with so many of you. Thanks in particular to all who helped me blaze the trail with my agility speaker topic.
  • I love the prominence of the “they rise highest who lift as they go” theme in Vistage (Gary Lee Price Sculpture: Ascent) … indeed, 17 years ago when I went independent, I called my business “Sherpa” Alliance Inc.  I certainly tried to do heavy-lifting on many fronts, as a Chair with my groups, as a Speaker in other groups nationally and internationally, and as a Chair trainer and mentor on and off over the years.  Plus with some corporate initiatives I was invited to participate in and speak up on over the years … and quite a few that I wasn’t!  Some mountains I was able to budge and some that I wasn’t … which I still believe we should … but never mind, life is too short!
  • Net, I wouldn’t have missed my time in Vistage and will always be a great advocate encouraging any potential member, speaker, chair who hasn’t yet taken the leap, that they should (maybe I will continue as a member … haven’t had chance to give that much thought/decide yet).  I am very grateful to every last one of you who helped me be successful with the heavy lifting I am so passionate about doing.
  • This next move in my career is the next chapter of my life long pursuit of my passionate purpose for that form of heavy lifting that I call Agile Breakthrough Leadership.  OTA is a next outlet of expression for that to take my game to yet another next level.  Once again, its feels like everything I ever did was preparation to do this.

I will miss you and the special aspects of Vistage dearly, so let’s not be strangers … greatly appreciate it if you would take a moment to double check we are connected at LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/agilityexpertmikerichardson/ and double check you have my personal email address: mike365@agilitycode.com.  Of course, you have my personal website as you are already here!  VERY best wishes.

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