My Vistage Groups

My Vistage Groups

I love Chairing my Vistage Groups.  I am in my 15th year (2018) of Chairing 4 Groups in the greater San Diego area with 60+ members, becoming one of the most tenured, award-winning and top-ranked Chairs in Vistage Worldwide.  Having relocated to Temecula Valley Wine Country in 2013, I am also started the first Vistage CEO group locally in Temecula/Murrieta.

Vistage Worldwide is the world’s leading CEO membership organization, with 22,000 members in 20 countries, helping them become better leaders, making better decisions and achieving better results.  PowerOfPeers-3DVistage combines the words “vista” and “advantage,” meaning that our members gain the advantage of a broader outlook and the ability to see more clearly from the higher ground provided by the experiences and insights of other business leaders, experts and coaches.  The Power of Peers becomes a Peer-Advantage which becomes an Agility-Advantage.

This is enabled by a suite of elements comprising:

    • Group Meetings (Monthly)
    • Individual Coaching Sessions (Monthly)
    • Expert Resource Speakers in Monthly Meetings and Annual Summits
    • The vistage.com portal to global content, resources, networks and members

With Groups designed for maximum diversity, the more diversity the better, across the spectrum of :

  • Larger Organizations and Smaller Organizations
  • Higher-Technology and Lower-Technology
  • New-Economy and Old-Economy
  • Services and Products, Hardware and Software, Real Estate to Manufacturing
  • For-Profit and Not-For-Profit
  • Start-up, Roll-up or a Corporation, Public or Private
  • Local, Regional, National, International or Global
  • Young and Old, Tenured and Rookie, Gender, Ethnicity etc

I Chair groups of different types:

  • CEO Group (651) since 2003:  for CEOs, Business Owners & General Managers/Presidents/COOs of larger businesses.
  • Peer Power - resizedKey Executive Group (9915) since 2004: hybrid group for CEOs of smaller businesses and key/senior executives.
  • CFO-Key Executive Group (9046) since 2012: CFO-Key group specifically for key/senior financial executives (new group, first and only of its kind in Vistage Worldwide so far).
  • Temecula CEO Group (5623) since 2017:  for CEOs, Business Owners & General Managers/Presidents/COOs of larger businesses.

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The deep sense of mutual respect, trust and transparency I experienced in Mike’s Vistage Group was exceptional and is what my “working-together” philosophy was all about in Boeing and Ford, helping those teams get to the same place.  Experiencing that in their groups every month, Vistage members should be very confident they can evolve the same level of working-together teamwork in their businesses as we did in Boeing and Ford. (Alan Mulally)

Meet Some of My Members of CEO Group (651) in the Video Below:

If you are in the greater San Diego/Temecula area, to explore joining one my groups contact me hereTo find out more about Vistage Worldwide, visit here.  You are still welcome to contact me and I will be happy to explore further with you and refer you into the network to find you a great chair/group.

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