Staying ALIVE: an Active Shooter Survival Program

Staying ALIVE:  an Active Shooter Survival Program

Fantastic and unique new Vistage Resource Speaker topic:   “A.L.I.V.E. Active Shooter Survival Program” from Vistage Member Michael Julian, CEO of National Business Investigations and MPS Security, with a staff of hundreds providing security and protection services.

See ABC 7 Eye Witness News spots of a survivor from the Las Vegas Shooting attributing her survival to having taken Michael’s ALIVE class:

Michael just published his book, which you can find here:  10 Minutes To Live: Surviving an Active Shooter Using A.L.I.V.E.®

In the business since he was 16 years old, going on surveillance stake-outs with his father, Mike is a Certified Professional Investigator, Personal Protection Specialist (he provides executive protection services and often protects Hollywood Movie Stars!) and Certified Security Professional.  He has made it his life’s mission to help companies improve the safety of their staff if ever faced with active shooter incident.  He helps them “Learn how to Gain a Fighting Chance If Ever Faced with an Active Shooter”

Mike uses a lot of video footage of real incidents explaining what typically happens, why and what you can do to stay ALIVE in the first few critical minutes.  The members were riveted and several offered Michael their heartfelt gratitude for his willingness to navigate them through an uncomfortable but life-saving session.  Indeed, Michael shares an e-mail from a Las Vegas survivor who attributes her survival to recall from Michael’s training years earlier, while amidst the carnage all around her.

This will be a VERY different kind of session, but your members will thank you.  Find Michael’s topic inside Vistage.com here:  A.L.I.V.E. Active Shooter Survival Program (he did his pro-bono and did very well with lots of plus-delta feedback on how he can take it to the next level, refine and optimize to make it even more powerful and impactful.  He has done 2 bookings so far and is off to an great start 4.67/4.2/4.67/100% and is embedding more plus-delta feedback).  He has bookings flowing in, so book him soon!

Don’t wait though!  You never know when your members and their employees will find themselves in a situation.

Plus here is his website:  www.ActiveShooterSurvivalTraining.com

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