Faux AGILE (False, Fake, Fraudulent Agility – “Fake It Until You Break It!”)

Faux AGILE (False, Fake, Fraudulent Agility – “Fake It Until You Break It!”)
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“Fake it until you make it” doesn’t apply to Agility!  It easily becomes “fake it until you break it” like we have seen so many examples of recently with Takata, Wells Fargo, VW and so many more before that.

All examples of faux-agile, false, fake and fraudulent agility … until things ultimately breakdown … in the long run, there is no alternative to true agile!  See the list below.

Who would have thought it, now we need to add GE to that list!  Can GE Survive Its Cooked Books?

Consider recent examples:

Disasters happen slowly, slowly, slowly … and then … all of a sudden!”

When I speak, I call it an “imperceptible descent” using the Eastern Airlines story to  imprint the point in people’s memory banks.  Don’t be an Eastern Airlines.

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