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With the BREXIT news this morning, I am in a state of shock, finding myself asking the following questions:

  • What just happened and what does it mean? (= Ambiguity)
  • What are all the domino effects of Britain’s exit going to be and how far reaching? (= Complexity)
  • What might be the bigger implications for the unraveling of the European community, with what further exits, what scenarios and what timeline? (= Uncertainty)
  • With what roller-coaster ride of turbulence, like we are seeing in the global financial markets this morning? (= Volatility)

That’s the “VUCA” (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity) of BREXIT.  As an English-American (we came to the USA from the UK in 1999, becoming American citizens in 2008) who lived in Europe for 5 years at the start of my career (Holland 1983-88, and that’s where I met my wife, who is Scottish and was there independently) and visited Europe on business 6 times last year in 2015 (travelling freely with my British Passport) this is especially close to home!

Ironically, I go to Brussels later this year, the heart of the EU, to do an Agile Leadership program with a Belgian global corporation experiencing increasing VUCA.  Not least of all in their own back yard, now x3 or x10!

Watch this space – day 1 of VUCA!  When you find yourself asking questions above like those I am asking myself this morning, you know you have run into new VUCA.

My colleagues and I in Agility Consulting & Training help organizations develop their enterprise-agility to survive, thrive and prevail in an increasingly VUCA world:  The Focused, Fast & Flexible Manifesto.

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